The First Space-Based
Supercomputing Platform
to Solve the Problems of Big Data.

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Big Data is information stored from all Internet interactions from everyone and data every company and government produces as they operate. It can also be machine or sensor generated data. From the beginning of time until 2002, the world created 5 Exabytes (5 billion gigabytes) of Big Data. Put another way, if every word ever spoken by every human being in history were digitized to text, that would equal 5 Exabytes. We now create that amount of Big Data every 10 minutes. In two years, that will be created every two seconds!

This is causing significant problems:

  • – Networks choke on the amount of Big Data companies need to move around.
  • – Disparate information is everywhere creating a storage and security issue.
  • – The cloud can’t handle ALL?Big Data or provide predictive insight.
  • – Companies can’t get insights to people that make decisions.

This is not allowing companies to unlock the full value of?Big Data to innovate or unleash the next wave of growth.




Companies and governments could just continue to use the same outdated, fragmented, expensive and ineffective solutions for Big Data. ?But, now there is ConnectX. ?By deploying a constellation of tiny, light and powerful satellites, we will provide access to all the network services, data storage and computing that companies need in a single solution. ?Our Space-Based Supercomputing Platform is far less expensive, faster, more secure and accessible anywhere in the world…by everyone!













Companies upload their Big Data to the cloud where it is sent to our satellites. It is processed and transformed in to our proprietary format. Then, companies can analyze the information through our secure web site.

ConnectX will charge a monthly fee based on the amount of data and the level of security.


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