What if we put Bitcoins in Satellites?

Sound crazy? Well, it isn't!
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Lance Parker,
Technology and Cryptocurrency expert

5 years in Cryptocurrency. 20 years in Technology.  Founded 3 companies.  Multiple patents in security, mobile and satellite systems.  CEO of ConnectX.

what will happen on the webinar:

  • Gain access to technology not yet seen in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Discover the advantages of a private network of satellites as it relates to the Blockchain and digital currencies.
  • Problems, advantages and disadvantages of the Blockchain and Initial Coin Offerings.
  • Learn everything you need to know about the Blockchain and alternative technologies without spending months or years of research.
  • A detailed look at Initial Coin Offerings so you don't make the mistake of purchasing a digital currency that will lose your money.
  • You will be exposed to the future of the Blockchain allowing you to be ahead of everyone else.
  • Uncover all the industries the Blockchain will effect. The innovation is happening extremely fast. We have done all the research for you.
  • Data Security and Digital Currency Wallet: If you lose your digital wallet, your money is gone.
  • How do you secure trillions of dollars in financial transactions? Learn how this will be done on the webinar.