Team Members

Lance Parker, CEO & Founder, brings two decades of technology expertise in areas of business intelligence, data warehousing and unstructured data analysis, and owns several patents in mobile, security, communications and satellite systems. Mr. Parker has held senior sales positions with Computer Associates, Microstrategy, Kana and Attensity. In 2008, he founded iTag, a mobile security company, which grew to 50,000 users and won the CTIA Technology award. As a byproduct of Mr. Parker’s expertise and background inventing technologies, Vint Cerf, the inventor of the Internet, selected him to be on an industry panel for the interplanetary network at NASA. Mr. Parker studied at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University from 1988 to 1990. He, then, earned an economics degree at George Mason University in 1996.

Christoph Karl La Due, ‘Chris’, CTO, Chief Inventor & Cofounder, is the inventor of Dynamic Spin technologies. He is an internationally recognized inventor with over 60 registered domestic, and international patents, many of which have been commercially developed and successfully deployed. Mr. La Due’s areas of expertise include theoretical and applied physics, electrical engineering, telecommunications, and symbolic structures in human-to-machine language constructs, and systems integration.

Over the last 26 years, his patents have contained hundreds of inventions that relate to communication systems, signaling networks, electro-mechanical protocols and systems, virtual communication network solutions, satellite and terrestrial telecommunications technology, security system technology, artificial intelligence and virtual reality systems.

Mr. La Due is dedicated to the development of new technological paradigms that relate to sustainable technologies, virtual reality systems as applied to network management, video game engines, novel forms of symbolic language coding for electrical power generation networks, and the like. Mr. La Due always looks to nature for his creative inspiration. Though his concepts often challenge conventional thinking, he states, “If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t sell, then it doesn’t matter.”

Examples of commercial successes of Mr. La Due’s inventions can be seen in:, a Silicon Valley communications company now providing its clients with a range of services on one of the USA’s largest contiguous wireless telemetry/telematics networks. Aeris is the leading provider of wireless data services for M2M/IOT solutions in the USA spanning both CDMA (IS-95), TDMA (IS-54) networks signaling system seven (SS7 IS-41).  Today, Aeris offers highly robust and secure connectivity for IP data, SMS and voice, using an industry-leading platform for provisioning and activation, account and device management, real time device and traffic information, and detailed billing.

This product range evolved from the “Micro Burst” technology invented by Mr. La Due in the early 1990’s. For further information, see Microburst represented the largest analogue wireless telemetry network that operated under one standard in the Western Hemisphere: Microburst operated over the analogue American Mobile Phone (AMPS) 800 MHz Mobile Cellular in the Western Hemisphere.

Microburst operated in every city of the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Mr. La Due published an IEEE paper IEEE Transactions On Vehicular Technology, Vol. 57, NO. 4, July 2008, Titled “A Data Modem for GSM Voice Channel. This paper represents an innovative approach to utilizing genetic algorithms for generating symbolic data symbols. This enabled the means and method of applying linear data elements to non-linear digital traffic channels. First developed in Hong Kong, the system was a highly secure solution, which operated throughout Australia and Indonesia over Optus-SingTel, and PT Excelcomindo Tbk GSM networks respectively. The commercial application was providing wireless financial transactions with financial banking networks.

Mr. LaDue is the inventor of the ConnectX-VPN technology.

John Wiss, Sr. Scientist, has 20 years of experience in communications and networking design and implementation. He invented the first mesh-networked satellite and aircraft based communication systems for the defense and commercial customers. In addition, he is the inventor and program leader for developing a system that allows direct user-user connectivity in a moving dynamic environment with a mixed population of users with differing capabilities in the most efficient manner from a satellite or wireless router configuration and was responsible for capturing two major contracts spun off from the initial competitive bid. Mr. Wiss has managed and succeeded in all company technical developments from small startups to large multi-billion dollar companies. He has over a dozen patents filed and 8 granted relating to all aspects of communications, signal processing, and large systems with an emphasis on first-of-a-kind products that have revolutionized several industries over many disciplines. He has served on the board for several companies ranging from technology companies to consumer product companies unrelated to technology and is a recognized problem-solver and visionary. Mr. Wiss is an expert in putting processes in place that are right-sized for the company size, requirements, development complexity and has contributed technology early in his career that is still in use industry-wide today.

Sam Ofa, Terrestrial Blockchain and Software Development Manager, has successfully designed and implemented cost-saving database solutions across a variety of industries, including investment banking, communication and real estate development.  He is well-versed in Oracle, Microsoft, MySQL, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Hadoop and other various Big Data solutions.  Sam is also an expert in security, cloud computing and designing systems to scale to very large datasets with lots of users.  He has served as senior architect, CTO, senior software developer, senior DB architect/administrator, senior business intelligence engineer and infrastructure manager in publicly traded companies as well as many startup companies in the U.S. and Canada.

Eric Eaton, Security and Technology Officer, has, over the past 20 years, started or grown numerous successful software projects and companies.  He is known for taking progressive technology out of theoretical classrooms and in to the commercial marketplace.  He is an accomplished inventor in the software industry, having designed products which have been given top industry awards as well as recognition both nationally and internationally.  Eric’s inventions include a patented encryption technology used by Japanese corporations to prevent corporate espionage, as well as ten key inventions which form the foundation of Behavioral Recognition System, Inc.’s award-winning AISight product.

Jonas Moses, Senior Scientist and Translational Research Professional, earned a PhD in Bioengineering/Biomedical Engineering from the University of IL, Chicago, and was certified as a Physician Assistant (PA) through the US Army Academy of Health Sciences. Having also been a clinical and research scientist, Dr. Moses possesses extensive Translational Research, Technology Transfer and Acceleration, patent and trademark development experience, and possesses a cache of Healthcare IT, Big Data, Medical Device, Diagnostics and Therapeutics innovations, as well as commercialization expertise. He has contributed to several, diverse patents – including those related to mobile security and data encryption, transmission and authentication.

Jack Barakitis, Engineering, has been involved in the development, implementation and management of new science related technologies for over 23 years.  His professional career spans a diverse range of lab engineering environments.  These include electrical, electro-mechanical, precision mechanical, audio engineering and information technology systems integration.  Jack’s project management positions range from dot com start-ups to working with industry technology leaders such as Digital Equipment Corporation, AVID Technologies, Westwood One and Cambridge Sound Works.

Gavin Cutting, Electrical Engineer, has a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronic Engineering, a combination of electrical and electronic, software, and mechanical engineering from the University of Manchester, England.  He has extensive experience in product design and developing prototype electro-mechanical systems and taking them in to production.  He has developed various electro-mechanical systems from proof of concept of all sizes, including but not limited to consumer electronics, household gadgets and holographics.  His cross discipline background and experience, grants him the ability to see the entire product and how different components work together.

Shahab Khan, PhD, Scientist, is currently a staff scientist at the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He leads experiments involving inertial confinement fusion implosions and high energy density physics. He also develops ultra-fast x-ray imaging and time streaking detectors. He has given multiple talks and authored dozens of scientific publications on his research. Dr. Khan received his PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago where he developed a super intense, guided x-ray source using a femto-second pulsed UV laser coupled to clusters of Xenon atoms.  Dr. Khan and Dr. Moses have built scientific prototypes together in the past.

Sadik Elouhabi, International Commodity Trader/Advisor/Customer, has a background in technology and is a former technology venture capitalist.  For the past 15 years, Mr. Elouhabi has been an international commodity trader and CEO of a trading group that trades $100M in commodities per year.  Mr. Elouhabi and his trading group will be Exportly’s first customer.  Mr. Parker and Mr. Elouhabi work closely to identify the problems in international commodity trading and how Exportly can bring the best solution to market.

Mike Scheble, Executive of Sales, brings his vast Sales and Marketing expertise to the ConnectX team. His whole career has been dedicated to the Software and Technology space as both an entrepreneur and Sales Executive for Fortune 500 companies. He started his career by joining a small start-up company in Silicon Valley and played an instrumental role in growing that company from its inception to over ten million in sales, which ultimately led to its acquisition. He’s worked as a Sr. Sales Executive with Pitney Bowes, Neopost, and CA specializing in promoting their moves into data analytics, data quality, text mining and data warehousing.  He also co-founded a software development and marketing company as well as ran his own successful sales and marketing consulting firm in Seattle.  Mike is a cryptocurrency investor, understands the disruption the blockchain is causing and the security issues problems it is introducing.

Daniel Jeffries, Advisor, is an author, engineer and serial entrepreneur.  During his two decades in the computer industry, he’s covered a broad range of technology from Linux to networks and virtualization.  Daniel has been extremely helpful to the ConnectX team in formulating its Tokenomics strategy.  Specifically helping with how the ConnectX network will operate, how the ConnectX coin is woven in to the underlying business model, how ConnectX coins are distributed to benefit the network and how to increase the Connect coin “token velocity”.  Daniel can be found at

Guido Fetta, Technology and Spacecraft Advisor, Mr. Fetta brings a vast array of talent spanning a 25-year career in the technology and engineering sectors. He has exercised leadership roles in business and technology programs with particular emphasis on the research, planning, design, sales, and management of technology solutions in the U.S. marketplace. Mr. Fetta has worked extensively as the inventor of the breakthrough Cannae Drive propulsion technology and has researched and developed advanced propulsion technologies for more than 15 years.  He has held corporate positions in sales, marketing, business development and technology commercialization fostering his ability to lead the development and commercialization programs for the Cannae Drive thruster technology.  In January 2011, Mr. Fetta led a project team that experimentally demonstrated a superconducting thruster requiring only electromagnetic energy to develop force. This technology requires no on-board propellant to generate thrust.  ​At the July 2014 AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference, a team from NASA’s Johnson Space Center presented a paper on the successful experimental demonstration of thrust in a non-superconducting Cannae prototype designed by Mr. Fetta (tested at NASA).  Mr. Fetta also presented a paper at this conference.  These papers generated keen interest in this breakthrough technology.  The knowledge and experience garnered from researching, developing, manufacturing, testing and demonstrating this breakthrough technology has provided Mr. Fetta the expertise to transform the space satellite propulsion industry.

Bill Schuster, Advisor, is the former Chief Operating Officer of GeoEye, a satellite imaging company he joined in December 2004.  He was responsible for the overall management and direction of information technology, engineering, customer service, order management, facilities and security, quality assurance and business processes.  GeoEye sold for $1.2B.  He has over 28 years of experience in operational management, primarily in the space applications, ISR and communication systems sectors.  Bill has extensive knowledge of the intelligence community from both the government and commercial sectors’ perspectives and has worked with defense customers both in the U.S. and internationally.  Before joining GeoEye, he served as President of Integrated Systems for BAE Systems, Vice President of Programs at Harris Corporation within the Government Communications Systems division and Vice President of the Space Applications Operations at Loral Space and Range Systems.  He spent nearly 22 years with the Central Intelligence Agency, the last 14 of which he was assigned to the National Reconnaissance Office where he was involved in the development, engineering and operations of some of the most advanced reconnaissance and surveillance systems in the United States.

Cosmo, Telegram Welcomer and Space Explorer, is given the repetitive task of welcoming every one of our new Telegram chat room members.  From time to time, you will see Cosmo kick people out of the chat room for bad behavior, posting spam or just asking silly questions.  When Cosmo is not regulating our chat room @ConnectX, he is busy looking for the secrets of the universe.

Note on Advisors:  Lance Parker, CEO of ConnectX, graduated from the Founders Institute and the Advanced Founders Lab in 2013-2015 at the top of each class.  He has had countless mentors and advisors that have shaped ConnectX and its platform.