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We are building a community at ConnectX that believes in crypto technology and it needing to be in a network of small satellites. Below is an incentive program to reward ConnectX'ers for work in engaging the cryptocurrency community, raising awareness, driving attendance to our LIVE webinar events, finding purchasers of ConnectX coins and signing customers to our product module. You will see the a list of things that we would like you to do with the associated reward in ConnectX coins. Further down the page is specific instructions, details and resources you will need. If you have any questions, please contact us at the chat box at the bottom right of this page.

Contact us on Telegram with any questions or ideas:  @ConnectX


SHORT ON TIME?  A quick way to earn ConnectX Coins is referring friends to our webinars.  Sign up here.

Incentive PROGRAM

  • 25 ConnectX coins ($50) for attending the ConnectX webinar and showing up on time.
  • 25 ConnectX coins ($50) for posting about the webinar on FB and getting a friend to come.
  • 25 ConnectX coins ($50) for joining our TELEGRAM conversation. (@ConnectX)
  • 10 ConnectX Coins ($20) for posting on a crypto Facebook/LinkedIn group or forum what you learned at this webinar.  Send the post link to
  • 500 ConnectX coins ($1,000) for getting 10+ people to attend the next webinar.  You must send their email addresses before the webinar to
  • 500 ConnectX coins ($1,000) for a successful campaign.
  • Get a ConnectX PowerStation or 1500 ConnectX coins ($3,000) for getting press in a crypto blog or story with a crypto thought leader.
  • Sign a B2B customer to our product module, get 5% of the first year revenue to ConnectX payable in ConnectX coins.
  • Bounty: Refer people who purchase ConnectX coins and you will receive 3% of the purchase price in ConnectX coins.

things to help you

ATTENDING THE WEBINAR (25 ConnectX coins):  Our system tracks who attends our webinar, who is on time and who stays until the end. This is also how we confirm that you have gotten people to attend. We give an amazing gift if you stay until the end. But, you will have to join the webinar to see what it is.

POSTING ON FACEBOOK (25 ConnectX coins):  Through the use of, we are able to track who has agreed to support the campaign to post about our webinar.  Supporting the campaign is simply a click of a button allowing them to post on your Facebook once a certain number of people have also agreed to post.  If you would like to participate, please visit

JOINING OUR TELEGRAM (25 ConnectX coins):  Download the TELEGRAM mobile app and search for our chat room called CONNECTX.  At a time during the coin sale, we will post instructions on how to claim your 25 ConnectX coins.  Our telegram chat room is a great place to talk with other people interested in ConnectX and to stay up to date on company progress.

POSTING IN CRYPTO FACEBOOK GROUPS, LINKEDIN GROUPS AND CRYPTO FORUMS (10 ConnectX coins):  Our goal is to engage the cryptocurrency community so the post must be genuine and talk about something you have learned about ConnectX or something you have learned at our webinar.  In the post, you must provide a link to and email the link of the post to  This is how we will track it and we would also like to engage in the conversation.

GET 10+ PEOPLE TO ATTEND THE LIVE WEBINAR EVENT (500 ConnectX coins):  We will be doing LIVE webinar events several times a week.  Your 10+ attendees must attend the webinar in a one week period and you must send the email addresses of each attendee before the webinar to  This works well with the next incentive.

HAVE A SUCCESSFUL THUNDERCLAP CAMPAIGN (500 ConnectX coins):  On completion of your campaign, please email the link to the completed campaign to so we can verify.  Here is a word document that gives you everything you need.  

PRESS/STORY IN CRYPTO BLOG OR BLOG POST BY A CRYPTO THOUGHT LEADER (1500 ConnectX coins):  Below is a press kit you will need.  It must be on a blog that is about crypto technology.  You may be asked by the website that they would like to speak with someone at ConnectX.  Please contact us in the chat box at the bottom right if you are asked and we will contact the website to set up an interview.

INTRODUCTION TO A CRYPTO INFLUENCER (1500 ConnectX Coins):  If you introduce the CEO of ConnectX to an influencer or thought leader in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space and they become an advisor or team member, you will earn 1500 ConnectX Coins.  Click below to see the initial target list and we are open to others that can add value to the company.  Please contact us in the chat at the lower right.  

BOUNTY:  Get 3% of the amount of ConnectX coins purchased by people you refer.  email the name, address and amount they purchased to  Our staff will be tracking this and award ConnectX coins to you when they are issued.

SIGN A CUSTOMER: You must first attend the webinar to understand our product module. If you know of a customer you would like to introduce us, please contact us in the chat box at the bottom right. You will be given 5% of the revenue earned in the first year by ConnectX in ConnectX coins.