ConnectX Hardware Pre-order!

This Device Is How You Earn ConnectX Coins.


 The ConnectX Cube:

  • Earn 30% of the transaction fees paid to ConnectX on every ConnectX Cube you place.
  • For being a "Manager" and bringing people that place ConnectX Cubes, you will earn 20% of the transaction fees paid to ConnectX on all the ConnectX Cubes they place.

ConnectX Cubes are purchased by the location where they are placed.

Payments are made in ConnectX Coins once the network is deployed.

ConnectX Cube (Hotspot WIFI Access) 

Device that provides a hotspot area where anyone with the ConnectX mobile app can store their digital currency wallets and perform financial transactions through a secure WIFI connection.  The ConnectX Cube transmits to the ConnectX ground stations, then up to our satellites.  The ConnectX Cube uses the same symbol data transmission technology removing the use of the Internet.

$499 – 1 ConnectX Cube

$998 – 2 ConnectX Cubes

$1,497 – 3 ConnectX Cubes

Delivery is expected Q1 – 2019 (design and date subject to change).

The ConnectX Solution will be released in 4 phases:

Phase 1 (Secure)

  Customers will download our ConnectX mobile app allowing secure access to our servers over the Internet.  They will then be able to store their wallets and perform financial transactions in our secure ground-based system.  The mobile app uses current state of the art security.

Phase 2 (More Secure)

The ConnectX Hub is a standalone unit which will be used by anyone, home or business, to transmit transaction data to our servers.  The transmission from the ConnectX Hub to our servers is highly secure and uses the same ConnectX data transmission symbol technology to send and receive information.  This network segment removes the use of the Internet giving you another layer of security.  The standalone ConnectX Hub can be used by anyone within WIFI range that has the ConnectX mobile applications installed.  ConnectX Hub owners will earn a portion of the transaction fees paid to ConnectX for keeping the ConnectX Hub operating and a higher portion if their Connectx Hub is used to perform a transaction.

Phase 3 (Even More Secure)

ConnectX will install ground stations utilizing the ConnectX-3D technology to send and receive data from our servers to our satellites.  The orbiting satellite nodes will store digital wallets and perform financial transactions.  You will use the same mobile applications from Phase 1 and 2 but your digital currency wallet and financial transactions will occur in satellites, not ground-based servers.

Phase 4 (Most Secure)

ConnectX will release the S1W HARDWARE DEVICE.  This is independent of the S1W mobile application and connects directly to our satellites entirely eliminating the use of the Internet.  This device is for power users who require the highest levels of security and perform very large cryptocurrency transactions (Exportly customers and frequent cryptocurrency users).