Launching small satellites with big storage capacities using the highest levels of security. Sensitive information is securely stored off-planet.

In 2016, companies and individuals spent $24B on cloud storage. By 2021, it will be $75B. However, cloud storage that uses the Internet in any way has significant problems:
  • Internet: Hackers use a variety of techniques to gain access to your computer, passwords and cloud storage.
  • Jurisdictional: A government or entity could force the exposure of your information.
  • Physical Access: A person or cloud employee could physical access your data or servers.
Small satellites give our system COST and SECURITY advantages. We don't incur the expenses Earth-based computing and storage must pay like real estate, electricity, cooling, staff, and security. Second, we eliminate the use of the Internet directly connecting a mobile device to our satellites. Jurisdictionally, no government controls space. Lastly, no one can physically access our storage satellites.
Customers pay for our service using ConnectX Coins (ERC20 compliant tokens/digital currency) and securely access their data in our satellites from an Internet enabled mobile device. However, no data is ever stored on any server or device on earth. It is all stored off-planet. The next version of ConnectX will be a direct link from a mobile device to our satellites eliminating the use of the Internet.
ConnectX is deploying the FIRST secure distributed satellite database system. Our unique IP and architecture allows for high reliability, availability, security and accessibility anywhere in the world. Our system eliminates the use of the Internet.